StaffingNation Terms of Service for Workers & Candidates

StaffingNation (SN) is an onboarding tool used by staffing agencies, recruiters, and companies, including the one you are engaged at or are applying to.

SN is mainly an onboarding system for you. It does contain some of your private information which we will respect, keep private and secure. We may have your SSN, DOB, address, phone number, email, resume(s) etc. All these things are necessary for us to get you the engagement. You can get more details regarding StaffingNation privacy and security practices at

What else do we do with your information? Every once in a while, we might send you an email, remind you of deadlines, employee benefits, employment related laws, W2’s, newsletters, etc. BUT we will never sell, rent or give your information to a third party. The only entities that may have your information are: TargetCW, a staffing agency, if they found you the engagement, a third-party verification service and the client company. We may also use your data to offer you job opportunities, once you're off your engagement.

Your information may be kept from a few months to 7 years, depending on the type of information and legal requirements. Some of your information may be sent electronically, archived, printed on paper, faxed or mailed. BUT it will always be kept secure and we will always follow best practices to protect your information. If we must transmit confidential information, it will be encrypted and protected—or sent using a protected channel.

The content you upload into SN belongs to you. If a client company views your information and chooses to download or take a screenshot, it may then be available to people outside of SN. This is a risk of uploading your resume and other profile data.

What do we expect from you? We’ll need you to have a good internet connection and a device to connect to SN. Please be accurate. This data is used to run background checks, validation and verification algorithms, and ensure your profile is completed correctly. Don’t forget, information in SN is legally binding and if you misrepresent yourself, you may lose your engagement and access to SN.

You agree: Keep your password confidential and never share it. Use a secure computer and connection to access the site. Read the instructions or ask for help as needed. You are entering a legally binding agreement. You agree to the End User License Agreement (EULA) located at

Privacy and Security Information, as well as our cookie policy, can be found at